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Are you looking for an employer who cares about you as a person and where you feel involved in everything that concerns you? Welcome to JellyHive!
Who are we? We are a successful IT consultant company and our philosophy is that the company is our employees.
Who are you? You are a system developer (fullstack, frontend, backend), and/or maybe also a scrum master, test lead, devops etc.
What we offer you Participation in developing the company with generous benefits.

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Silver partner
We are a proud member of the Microsoft Partner Network as a Silver Partner. Microsoft technology is the very core of what we do.
Thanks Rikard for this time, hope to see you next year!
We are very happy that Rikard choose to do his internship at JellyHive!Rikard has built a solution around an IoT device that enables you to pay for usage of electrical devices. Our CEO Jonas W has supervised and is impressed of what Rikard has managed to produce in a such a short... (continued)
.NET Core   
How to (really) migrate from .NET Core 2.0 to 2.1
According to Microsoft ( it’s super simple to migrate from .NET Core 2.0 to 2.1. Just change netcoreapp2.0 to netcoreapp2.1, remove some CLI tools and you’re done! When we tried this approach we ran into a NETSDK1061 issue.... (continued)

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Always nice to have breakfast together with the collegues
JellyHive delivers to VCRS
One of our developers, Jonas P, has after the summer started a new assignment at VCRS, Volvo Cars Retail Service. He will support a newly formed small team to take one of their products to new heights. The technology stack consists of: Angular 7, dotnet core 2.1, docker and... (continued)
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We are looking for a senior developer or tester
2017 was yet an excellent year
2017 was an excellent year, with a new employe and lots of good times we are now prepered for 2018