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Are you looking for an employer who cares about you as a person and where you feel involved in everything that concerns you? Welcome to JellyHive!
Who are we? We are a successful IT consultant company and our philosophy is that the company is our employees.
Who are you? You are a system developer (fullstack, frontend, backend), and/or maybe also a scrum master, test lead, devops etc.
What we offer you Participation in developing the company with generous benefits.

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Silver partner
We are proud members in the Microsoft Partner Network as Silver Partner. Microsoft technology is the very core of what we do.
Thank you for the party!
We had a great time thursday celebrating our new name, JellyHive, and platform for the future.It was great seeing so many friends at the 29th floor at Gothia Towers! We had an Instagram competition and the winner has been randomly selected.And the winner is… Esbjörn Larsen!... (continued)
CSP implementations are broken
TL;DR frame-src is inconsistent cross browser block-all-mixed-content is broken in Chrome and Opera CSP reports are inconsitent Edge has some weird edge cases (no pun intended) IntroThere has been a lot of talk lately about Content Security Policy (CSP) after an accessibility script... (continued)

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Always nice to have breakfast together with the collegues
We're transforming
Advise Solutions was founded in 2010 with the intention of creating a company focused on the consultants and to offer a better chance of managing their own careers. There is a striking difference how much you can affect your situation and how involved you can be in a small consultant... (continued)
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We are looking for a junior developer
2017 was yet an excellent year
2017 was an excellent year, with a new employe and lots of good times we are now prepered for 2018