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Are you looking for an employer who cares about you as a person and where you feel involved in everything that concerns you? Welcome to JellyHive!
Who are we? We are a successful IT consultant company and our philosophy is that the company is our employees.
Who are you? You are a system developer (fullstack, frontend, backend), and/or maybe also a scrum master, test lead, devops etc.
What we offer you Participation in developing the company with generous benefits.

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We are JellyHive, and this is what we stand for

As a step in our work to build a better platform for the future, we sat down and thought how we would want our company to be. In the beginnig it was really hard to concretize what we felt, but after a few hours we (luckily) found that we share a common vision for what we are and what we should be.
This can be summarized in our vision statement:

Vi ska bli Sveriges bästa arbetsplats för Sveriges främsta utvecklare.

in English:

We shall be the best workplace in Sweden for the best Swedish developers.

We also put together a mission statement:

Vår passion är systemutveckling, vilket uppnås med prestigelöst och proaktivt agerande. Tillsammans med våra kunder jobbar vi mot gemensamma mål, där vår omsorg alltid ger ett effektivt resultat.

in English:

Our passion is software development, which is reached by prestigeless and proactive actions. Together with our customers we work towards common goals, where are care always gives an effective result.

Our values

We have choosen four words that describe us, and the way we act against others.


… för att vi vet vad vi kan och var våra styrkor ligger. Vi utmanar oss själva och våra kunder utan att skriva någon på näsan, utan genom att gemensamt finna rätt lösning till rätt problem

in English:

… because we know what we can and what our strengths are. We challange ourselves and our customers whithout being impolite, but rather through finding the right solution to the right problem.


… för att vi strävar efter att alltid göra det som är bäst för våra kunder och bibehålla en transparent kommunikation. Vår ärlighet är en av pelarna som bär oss som företag.

in English:

… because we strive after to always do what’s best for our customers and keep a transparent communication. Our honesty is one of the pillars that support us as a company.


… för att vi bryr oss om våra kunder genom att aldrig tummar på kvalitet, innovation och leveranssäkerhet. När kunder jobbar med oss kan de vara säkra på att de kommer mötas av specialister som brinner för systemutvecklingens alla faser.

in English:

… because we care for our customers by never nudge on the quality, the innovation and the delivery percision. When customers work together with us, they can be shure that they will be met by specialists that that burn with passion for the system developments all phases.


Maybe not really a word, but sometimes one has to break new grounds.

… för att vi erbjuder en arbetsplats och ett team som känns som ett tryggt rum. Där vi tillsammans växer som grupp, som människor och som företag, och alltid har roligt längs vägen.

in English:

… because we offer a workplace and a team that feels like a safe room. Where we together grows as a group, as people and as a company, and always have fun along the way.