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Installing Sitecore 7.5 MVC with Visual Studio project outside web root

I have been struggeling a bit to set up a Sitecore 7.5 solutions with a visual studio project outside the web root, in my case Visual Studio 2013. Most of the documentation are a bit old and for a beginner it can be quite difficult to get everything working correctly.This is how I mange to do it (I'm shure that there are many other ways to do it, some of them probably better...):

  1. Do a complete install of Sitecore 7.5 with the installer.
  2. Create a new Visual Studio project, ASP.NET Web application. Place this outside the web root. Use an empty project an chech the "MVC" checkbox.
  3. Replace the projects global.asax and web.config with the once found in the Sitecore solution.
  4. Create an folder called "lib" in the web project and copy the following dll:s from the Sitecore solution: Sitecore.Kernel.dll and Sitecore.Mvc.dll.
  5. Add the dll:s in step 4 as references. Set "Copy local" to "false" (to get intellisense to work we might have to set them to "true" later).
  6. Remove the "System.*" references in the project that have corresponding "System.*" dll:s in the Sitecore solutions website/bin-folder.
  7. Add references to all "System.*" dll:s in the Sitecore solutions website/bin-folder. You might optionally copy them to the "lib"-folder in step 4 and add the references from there.
  8. Setup a publishing profile that publishes the the project to the website of the Sitecore solution.
  9. Enable "Web One Click Publish" by right click the Visual Studio top toolbar and enable it.
  10. Connect the project to Sitecore rocks by right click project and select "Sitecore" -> "Connect to Sitecore..."

You should now be able to work with your views and controllers separately from the Sitecore web root. Good luck!